b. Cambridge, England, 1981.
Graduated in Fine Art Painting from Norwich School of Art (now, Norwich University College of the Arts), 2004.

My work explores mystery and opulence of collected and found objects carefully placed together to give a sense of a surrealist narrative. Throughout my work I like to convey the sense of the unknown and evoke further questions to the gathered objects, and explore light and dark opposites within the media and the narrative of the oil paint.

Working exclusively in oil paints, on occasion hand mulling paints with time-honoured hand-made gesso ground (rabbit skin glue and French chalk) as a base to paint over on wooden panel, building up layers and luminosity to give a sense of play on bittersweet consciousness within the painting.

In recent years I have exhibited in Cambridge, Norfolk, LA, Italy, and California, and had work selected and represented by Italy’s Pop Surrealism collective.

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