Quick Sketch

ellawolfnoth sketch

^ Quick twenty minute floral sketch. Not sure if I will colour this, but it is nice to draw from life when you can, noticing all the details of the leaves and petals.

Warm Pink Values

pink colour palettes 1

ellawolfnoth warm pink2

^ Working on pinks palette, larger image here.

Pinks and peaches, by using a warm red and a cool red and adding white and sometimes yellows, I can explore making peaches and pinks in varying shades.


Silk Bow

ellawolfnoth silk bow

Silk bow study 8 x 10 inches
Polychromos on traditional gesso panel

Value Studies

ellawolfnoth value studyellawolfnoth value study 2 ellawolfnoth value study 3

^ Value studies, it is always good to refresh your mind and your eye when working with lights and darks and shadows. I like to work up from a grey scale and add colour over the top matching the colour to the grey shade. Munsell grey scale is a good reference for working with greys.

Tasty Treats




ella wolfnoth autumn

‘Autumn’ Oil on paper 10 x 8″

Small Palette

ew palette
Warm palette

Raw umber light / Alizarin crimson / Cadmium yellow deep hue
Sap green / Cerulean blue / Titanium white



Picture 1

Art Journals

wolfnoth sketchbook

wolfnoth worksheet

wolfnoth worksheet 2

I believe it really important, for me anyway, to keep track of my ideas and processes, I do this in journals. I write all my ideas future and current down, also processes that I am working with and what is working. I have a full journal just for traditional gesso process, and notes on what worked and what did not. I have also kept colour palette ideas inside journals as well.


sketchbook 2


wolfnoth wing


paint 1

paint 2

paint 3

New Home | New Studio

wolfnoth new studio

A perfect country retreat

New Inspiration

Picture 1

A new source of inspiration with the Suffolk Flower Farm.


March Treats

ella wolfnoth woolner duke house 2

ella wolfnoth woolner duke house 3

A nice start to 2014 with the sale of the bow series, all four sold and to remain
at Duke House on display.


ella wolfnoth delicate petal 2

Hello nature ♥♥


ella wolfnoth rose2



A design for Menna, this is my vision of HOPE :)
if you have not read Menna’s books visit her author page:


Natures Treats

ella wolfnoth natures treats

ella wolfnoth natures treats 2